NYC Entrepreneur Profile: PictureLife

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, people took photos with a camera, removed the film, brought it in for developing, waited up to a week or more, and then — if they were lucky — wound up with a couple good shots which would then go into a photo album or get tossed into a drawer forever. Then came digital photography. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Flickr. And Instagram. And suddenly, it wasn’t unusual for a single individual to photograph and post dozens of images in a given week. Enter Nate Westheimer, Charles Forman, Jacob DeHart, founders of New… Read More

Midtown and Lunch

There is a sea of possibilities in Midtown when it comes to grabbing some grub on your lunch break. Of course there’s also the problem of proximity—is there anything good near my office?? Finding the perfect meal to add a little pep to your step (or eye balls for reading those bazillion emails) can be a daunting task given your limited window. Fear not. Fortunately, there are some pretty dedicated people out there solving these types of problems. If you’re looking to try something new everyday, or want to find an awesome culinary retreat from the daily grind, here are… Read More