An Office Environment Designed to Support the World of Finance

By: Zach Winick, General Manager, ReadySet! Offices     Location, Location, Location ReadySet! Offices are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan in the historic Hippodrome building. Our primary focus is on the success of our clients. We are constantly learning about the way our clients do business and what they require to succeed. Since every profession has its own unique and specific set of needs, our ReadySet! Team works hard to tailor our services to the individuality of each client, particularly those in the Finance industry. We are experienced working with Investment Advisors, CPAs, Security Traders and Financial Planners; and our… Read More

How to Address Office Hoarding

Ever wonder why some people’s desks at work are overflowing with what appears to emptied filing cabinets, a breakfast bar, and a supply closet? Could they be *GASP* hoarders? With hoarding entering into our culture in a very graphic way thanks to A&E’s Hoarders and TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, it’s not a big stretch to ponder what it could mean for you and your office environment. Office hoarding, even if it’s just office supplies, implies a disorganized and struggling employee/co-worker. Files are strewn about in unidentifiable piles and pouring out of folders. Food may be left out in open containers… Read More