How to Decorate Your Executive Office

Your look and feel of your executive office designs says a lot about you. It immediately telegraphs to colleagues and clients essential information about your professionalism, taste level and work style. Executive office decorations and arrangements can even impact your productivity and ultimate success rate.

So how do you decorate your executive office to maximize your output? In general, less is more. Décor in an executive office is generally sleek, efficient and charming. It should project a sense of both humming activity and quiet calm – and of both professionalism and personality. And it should impress rather than depress. Here are some specific office decorating tips and dos and don’ts when designing your executive office:

Don’t Wall Yourself Off

CEOs at Fortune 500 companies tend to keep their desks toward the middle of their office, rather than pushed against a wall. Arranging a desk near the wall can indicate obstacles and dependence, whereas a freestanding desk in the center of the room projects control and confidence. An executive’s desk is also often spare and free of a computer monitor. Instead of hiding behind a computer, they appear front and center and ready to take on any conversation or problem.

Keep it Clean

A recent study found that 57 percent of American workers admit they judge their coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces. A stylish, well-kept executive office tells people important information about your organizational skills and attention to detail. Even though messy environments can foster creativity, we’re quick to regard people with unkempt offices as scatter-brained and therefore unreliable. So if you can find an executive office space that comes with built-in cleaning services – and if you can keep the papers from piling up on your desk – you’re way ahead of the game.

Add Color – But Not Too Much

Except in very particular circumstances (like an artist’s lair), an executive office design should never feature loud colors or mismatched patterns. Instead, make a statement with your office by choosing a sophisticated color palette and adding a pop of color with one element, like a bright executive office chair. Or choose a brightly colored piece of artwork hung on a pale, beige wall. (More about choosing the right artwork below.)

Let There Be Light

Neither dim, dark mood lighting nor harsh fluorescent lights should illuminate an executive’s office. A dark room can feel creepy, and florescent lighting can evoke feelings of being in a cubicle on the main floor of a corporate office. Instead, choose bright, natural bulbs in sophisticated fixtures for your executive office decorations. The right lighting will help guests feel comfortable and at ease ready for the business at hand.

Have a Seat

And not just any seat. As we’ve mentioned earlier in this space, choosing the right executive office chair is key not only for an executive office design, but also for comfort and ergonomics. Executive chairs should be adjusted in a confident, upright position that’s still comfortable enough to last through long meetings. And an executive’s chair should always be slightly larger and more grand than those of his or her employees, as this commands added attention and respect. The bottom line is, choose a chair that you love, because you’ll be spending a good portion of your day sitting in it.

Picture Perfect

Decorating an executive office with tasteful artwork and other design objects gives the executive an opportunity to display his or her personality and taste level. Good art also serves as a conversation starter. It should go without saying that sexually suggestive images, strange, avant-garde pieces and cartoon characters have no place in an executive office. Instead, go for class and refinement.

Give it Life

Live plants add a sense of warmth to any executive office. Whether you add a desk-sized bonsai tree or a large potted flowering plant, a little greenery goes a long way toward adding the human touch. Plus, plants produce oxygen, which can provide the office with a sense of freshness and feng shui. And they demonstrate that you are interested in fostering and nurturing something – a huge plus for your business.

Still looking for inspiration on how to decorate a professional office? Check out some of these wild, ultra-modern executive office designs around the world by clicking here. And when you’re ready for the perfect executive office combining all the features described above, visit Executive Suites.

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