Office Building Safety: What’s New at the Hippodrome

Professionals returning to office spaces across Manhattan have several considerations to weigh. Many have changed the way they commute, and others have modified their schedules to reduce their office occupancy. Top of mind for everyone is office building safety. Tenants at ElevatedNY can rest assured that our owner-operated building, the historic Hippodrome, has made changes since this spring to ensure our space is as safe as possible.   Starting at the entrance, the building’s door handles have been coated in NanoSeptic self-cleaning material that helps to kill viruses on contact. Select doors are also propped open at high-traffic times, allowing… Read More


September marks the six-month anniversary for many New Yorkers working remotely. While safety is still at the forefront of peoples’ minds, businesses are facing mounting hurdles when it comes to collaboration. Flexible offices around the city are fielding more requests for safe conference and meeting room rental spaces. And, ElevatedNY is perfectly equipped to meet the unique needs of every type of team. ElevatedNY’s premium office space, conveniently found near Times Square and Bryant Park, has a variety of offerings and amenities that make collaborating safe and easy. The conference rooms at ElevatedNY — all named for some of the tallest mountains around the world… Read More


This month, more New Yorkers return to office buildings and workplaces in Midtown Manhattan as NYC hits Phase 4 of its reopening plan. Visitors, tenants and teams who return to the office at ElevatedNY will be welcomed by a beautiful celebration of the everyday heroes who kept the city running even while others were sheltering in place observing NY PAUSE. Commissioned by the building owner, Edison Properties, the 248” wide by 144” tall mural was created by Brooklyn-based artist, Lousia Cannell. Cannell’s work focuses on diversity, women’s rights, and social causes. While working on this project for The Hippodrome lobby, Cannell said she drew from the strength and resilience… Read More

Ready. Set! Renovated.

The final weeks of the year bring that familiar combination of holiday festivities and workplace hustle. We are excited to add to your reasons to celebrate by announcing the first phase of the ReadySet! Offices 4th floor renovation is nearly complete. From a design standpoint, think executive style with a boutique twist: sleek, Zen-like gray and silver hues with pops of fresh color. Bright yet soft lighting and modern artwork along the walls. Marble and limestone touches that align with our grand lobby inside the historic, Class A Hippodrome building. Spearheaded by award-winning architectural firm L.B. Architects, who marry form… Read More