An Office Environment Designed to Support the World of Finance

By: Zach Winick, General Manager, ReadySet! Offices     Location, Location, Location ReadySet! Offices are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan in the historic Hippodrome building. Our primary focus is on the success of our clients. We are constantly learning about the way our clients do business and what they require to succeed. Since every profession has its own unique and specific set of needs, our ReadySet! Team works hard to tailor our services to the individuality of each client, particularly those in the Finance industry. We are experienced working with Investment Advisors, CPAs, Security Traders and Financial Planners; and our… Read More

Remembering New York City During World War II

Lest we forget. More than 800,000 New Yorkers went to war, and six of them received the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor, three of the citations bestowed posthumously. The Port of New York became known as “Last Stop USA.” While soldiers boarded troopships in the harbor, headed to Britain, the Brooklyn Navy Yard turned out battleships and aircraft carriers and repaired thousands of Allied vessels. View images from New York City during World War 2 Hana Alberts at Curbed has put together some stunning and stark images from WW2 in a great article.

Virtual Office Benefits

Being the owner of a new small business can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Each of the decisions that are made during the infancy of a business are vital to the long term success the company has. Choosing the right workspace is important. For most new business owners, a virtual office is the best fit due to the freedom it offers. At Readyset! Offices, we offer great virtual offices that can suit the needs of a new small business. We are among the most reputable and knowledgeable suppliers of virtual offices in the Midtown Manhattan area. Live Reception! One… Read More