The Top Five Ergonomically Correct Executive Office Chairs

Those of us who work in an executive office space are all too familiar with one constant presence in our office environment: Our chair. To put it simply, we spend most of the day sitting. In fact, most Americans spend more time in their office chairs than they do in their beds. Which begs the question: What are we sitting on, and is it the best option for our minds and bodies? It all comes down to ergonomics, a fancy-sounding word that simply means “human factors.” An ergonomic design or arrangement is one that allows people to interact with objects in… Read More

The Perfect End to a Work Day – Happy Hour in NYC

The air is warming, the sun is shining, and all of a sudden the work day seems to stretch on a tad bit longer. That’s right —it’s spring, and time for a break! You’re pretty sure that the people frolicking outside are having a better time than you are sitting at your desk, so why not take the opportunity to grab your co-workers and head on out for a night of mingling and networking! With the abundance of Happy Hour Hotspots, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, try new cocktails, and take a… Read More

Executive Suites Success Story: Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C.

In today’s Executive Suites Success Story, we highlight Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C., a thriving NYC accounting firm with offices at Executive Suites at the Hippodrome. Number of Employees: 4 Specialties: Tax and auditing services for businesses and individuals Company History: Kleiman explains: “I started the business by myself in 2006. I had been a partner in a larger firm for nearly 15 years, and I realized that I could run a firm on my own, enabling me to focus on my core group of clients. My current employees are three of the best I have had in my 20 or so years as an employer,… Read More

NYC Entrepreneur Profile: Big Gay Ice Cream

The name of this company is rather self-explanatory. In 2009, two gay New Yorkers, Doug Quint and Brian Petroff, rented a truck, which they dubbed the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, and began selling their wares at Brooklyn Pride in Prospect Park. Combining traditional soft-serve ice cream with non-traditional toppings, such as wasabi pea dust, olive oil and sea salt, the truck quickly gained a devoted following throughout New York. After two years of selling their frozen confections out of the truck, the two entrepreneurs opened their first Big Gay Ice Cream store in the East Village. Now they have a second store in the West… Read More

Executive Suites Success Story: ARK LLP

Launching and running one’s own business has been the American dream for as long as there’s been an America. And for all the talk about a challenging economy and business culture, there are countless small businesses who are out there making it happen, through a combination of intelligence, innovation, commitment to clients and hard work. So for the sake of inspiration, we’re highlighting some of these business “success stories,” all of which occupy executive office space here at Executive Suites at the Hippodrome, and finding out some of the secrets of their success. We begin with ARK LLP, Accountants &… Read More

The Complete Map for Working in Midtown

Midtown Manhattan. The Great White Way. The Crossroads of the World. The Theater District. Times Square. However you refer to this legendary NYC neighborhood, it’s one of the most iconic locations on earth. And if you’re fortunate enough to work in an executive office space in the heart of it all, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to the resources available to you. Accessible to both Grand Central Station on the East Side and Port Authority to the West, Avenue of the Americas (otherwise known as 6th Ave) in the 40s is a particularly prime location to… Read More

Choosing the Best NYC Neighborhood for your Executive Office

New York, New York – it’s a helluva town; The Bronx is up, and the Battery’s down. And let’s not even get started on Brooklyn, which encompasses over 95 square miles in and of itself. So with five boroughs and countless neighborhoods to choose from, how do you go about choosing the perfect place for your executive office space? Of course, much depends on what kind of business you run. The office space needs of a lawyer or an accountant, for instance, are different from those of an online retailer or a graphic designer. But in general, today’s executives, entrepreneurs… Read More