Available Office space for rent

A look at our office spaces at ElevatedNY in New York City.

Available Spaces

Interior Private Offices

Interior Private Offices are our most popular option for 1 to 5 people starting at $999/month, including internet service. More Details

Window Private Offices

Window Private Offices are just like interior spaces but with a view to the outside for 1 to 5 people, including internet service. More Details

Team Rooms

Our larger Team Rooms are perfect for 6 or more people and include internet service. More Details


Our largest Private Suites are ideal for companies up to 45 people and are built to suit your needs. More Details

Hybrid Office Spaces

Don’t need a dedicated office space 5 days a week? Learn about our Hybrid Office Spaces option, starting at just $349/month. 

4th Floor: Private Offices & Team Rooms

Floor Plan of the 4th Floor

15th Floor Suites

Floor Plan of the 15th Floor

18th Floor Suites

Floor Plan of the 18th Floor

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The perfect location.

In the heart of midtown, accessible by 17 subway lines, endless restaurants and nightlife, and the inimitable Bryant Park, America’s largest central business district is the best place in the world for a business to thrive.

The neighborhood

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