Meeting room rental space at ElevatedNY.

September marks the six-month anniversary for many New Yorkers working remotely. While safety is still at the forefront of people’s minds, businesses are facing mounting hurdles when it comes to collaboration. Flexible offices around the city are fielding more requests for safe conference and meeting room rental spaces in New York City. And, ElevatedNY is perfectly equipped to meet the unique needs of every type of team.

One of the conference rooms at Elevated NY is named for Denali National Park. All the meeting room rental spaces are fully equipped with video conferencing technology.

ElevatedNY’s premium office space, conveniently found near Times Square and Bryant Park, has a variety of offerings and amenities that make collaborating safe and easy. The conference room rentals in Manhattan, NYC at ElevatedNY — all named for some of the tallest mountains around the world — each offers a unique space to focus and find new perspective and insights. From the largest conference room, Mauna Kea, to the smallest, Denali, at ElevatedNY, our meeting room rentals in NYC are equipped with high speed internet access, the latest in video conferencing technology, and able to connect to every sharing platform. On-site management and IT support means from the moment you schedule to the moment your meeting ends, the ElevatedNY team is there to support you. All you need to do is ask reception to help you rent a laptop, setup catering, or supply notebooks, pens, flip-charts, or whiteboards.

Presenting in an Elevated NY conference room is simple. They are video conferencing ready with on-site IT support.

If you are meeting monthly or weekly, you can find discounted pricing for packaged deals. Get access to day offices and the best rates on large gathering spaces when you sign up for a virtual membership to go with your meeting room rental. Every booking at ElevatedNY is flexible, there is no annual commitment, and no minimum usage required. Schedule a single meeting or a series, whatever your business or team needs.

A small conference room at Elevated NY with enhanced CDC cleaning, video conferencing, and IT support at the ready.

At ElevatedNY, you will find meeting room rentals in NYC with space for teams of two to 20 to meet while keeping yourself at safe social distance from your meeting attendees. Tables and chairs can be configured however you need. Get a feel for the versatility of the space by taking a virtual tour of our Everest conference room, which fits 16 people. And, these conference room rentals in NYC are maintained by professional cleaning staff (wearing masks and gloves) who use CDC recommended products that protect from bacteria and viruses. ElevatedNY also reserves a 30-minute window between bookings to allow for proper airflow and cleaning.

Don’t stay at home, fighting weak wi-fi signals, and competing with family members or roommates for space to have a professional conversation when there is an easy, flexible, no commitment solution right in central Manhattan with ElevatedNY.

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