Virtual Offices: The New Co-Working?

Virtual offices are part of the service offerings at ElevatedNY, premium office space in Midtown Manhattan.

While social distancing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it is a great time to consider a Virtual Office. Coworking Virtual Offices can help bridge the gap between working from home and working from an office location. Virtual Offices are a great option for businesses of all sizes to keep growing without committing to a traditional office space.


Many people are familiar with a co-working or shared office membership but fewer people are aware of Virtual Offices. At many other premium office space providers in New York City there is often a membership fee that allows members to show up and use a desk occasionally. With Virtual Office membership at ElevatedNY, our premium flexible office space in Midtown Manhattan, we offer the same features but focus more on helping the business establish its permanent presence in a professional setting for a lower cost.


With Elevated NY’s Virtual Office program, a business pays a monthly fee to use our prestigious address as their home base. By licensing the right to use our address in the heart of NYC on Sixth Avenue, subscribers can run their business from anywhere while their business cards, mail, and corporate communication remain anchored to our building in Midtown Manhattan. This virtual shared office service has been a mainstay of small businesses that don’t need a physical office location to run their operations, such as consultants, realtors, attorneys, and accountants. “We have some Virtual Office clients who have been with us for over 20 years,” said Georgia Gournas, General Manager of ElevatedNY.

Today, with concerns about returning to shared office space in New York City, more teams are considering ways to virtually run their business without interruption. Coworking Virtual Offices with ElevatedNY can be paired with several additional services to give a business a full-operational headquarters without committing thousands of dollars per month to office space. Add-on options for this virtual shared office include live reception with a dedicated phone number for each business, 25-30% discounts on conference room space when the subscriber needs it, and up to 50%-off occasional day- to week-long office bookings. Coworking virtual office services are a perfect solution for people who occasionally need an office for a few days of one-on-one meetings or a private phone call between meetings in the city. Offices at ElevatedNY are professionally cleaned and sanitized daily and they have furniture, phone, and wi-fi included in the price. “If clients are visiting any of our Virtual Office members while they rent a day office, our entire onsite team is familiar with their business. It’s seamless.”, Georgia explained.

Reception waiting area at ElevatedNY, premium office space near Bryant Park in NYC.

For some businesses, a coworking virtual office is a great permanent solution, for others it is a way to ease the transition back into an office. Teams who wanted to find an office space prior to NYC’s PAUSE there’s no need to wait until the last phases of reopening come to the city. A three to six month virtual membership can help establish a foothold and build consistency for the long term. “There’s no need to worry about notifying clients, changing meeting locations, or reacquainting yourself with a new office management team.” Georgia said, “With the benefit of onsite parking and a state-of-the-art building with clear safety and health considerations already in place, when you’re ready to return to the office you’ll already have a permanent HQ setup at ElevatedNY, even if you start with a Virtual Office.”

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