Open- (and Business-) Minded

Establishing a professional image and securing your brand’s name is a difficult undertaking.  The last thing that should be adding stress for a new business owner is the presentation, or ancillary staff, of the office they choose to work in. Make it easy on yourself by selecting a space that helps establish credibility and trust among your clients by taking a serious, business-minded approach to your office space.

There are many factors to consider when finding an office space for your burgeoning business, location easily topping the list. In New York City, the neighborhood and the building your business calls home plays heavily into a company’s outward appearance. Based in the heart of Midtown on multiple floors of the historic Hippodrome building, ReadySet! Offices immediately establishes a tone that helps your business to confidently say, “we mean business.” Enter on any of their floors and find sleek design, artistic flair, and attention to detail.

Beyond décor, ReadySet! Offices offers a friendly, collaborative, and vibrant office environment where privacy is highly regarded and always protected. Tenants have the opportunity to get to know their office neighbors and exchange ideas through many networking events and seminars hosted throughout the year. That said ReadySet! Offices maintains a primary focus on offering their occupants a quiet office space where everyone can focus on what’s most important to them and their business.

The top-tier staff and on-site amenities of ReadySet! Offices are available 24/7 and support any needs a growing business may have. With on-site IT support and a first-class reception area, ReadySet! Office’s clients’ transition into their office space is seamless. The team offers peace-of-mind and accessibility setting them apart from other co-working spaces. As owners and operators of the building, there’s no buck to pass if a tenant needs assistance. Your headquarters and their headquarters are one in the same.

Their team’s singular goal is to advance your business, provide support, build your business confidence, and set you up for long-term growth. And, when the time comes to grow, they’re there to partner with you to find the added space you’re looking for, whether on the same floor or in larger office suites.

Please reach out with any questions on our offerings.

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