Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge

Ready to take the plunge, start your own business, and embrace entrepreneurship? You may have everything planned out – the business name, what your going to offer your clients, individuals who are ready to work with your business, you’ve secured all the social media profiles under your business name and are ready to launch your dream. But wait, your mind tells you…

I’m not ready yet.

I might fail.

They might reject me.

What will my family and friends think?

I don’t have the energy.

I don’t have enough money right now.

I’m not good enough.

And on and on the list goes. Do you recognize some of these as the ways you resist making your entrepreneurial dreams come true?

If one of your inner belief systems or thought patterns is “I am not worthy or good enough” then one of the outer effects of this thought process on your life will be procrastination. After all, procrastination is one way to keep us from getting where we say we want to go. Most people who procrastinate will spend a lot of time and energy berating themselves for procrastinating. You may call yourself lazy, and generally will male themselves out to feel they are “bad persons”. Self-criticizing will only intensify the procrastination and laziness. The place to put the mental energy is into the releasing the old and creating a new thought pattern. Tell yourself “I am worthy of the very best in life and in my career. I lovingly allow myself to accept this”. What was done in the past is done, and it is over now. But this is the present time, and you now have the opportunity to treat yourself the way you wish to be treated.

New entrepreneurs often get a lot of advice from family members and friends. It is important to filter and extract advice that can be useful for you and discard the rest. The key to discarding advice will be based on your confidence to run the business. Be kind to yourself. Begin to love and approve of yourself. Only accept advice that can plug any weaknesses you may have.

There are a multitude of options for new entrepreneurs when it comes to private office spaces in NYC. Starting out in New York City can be daunting and intimidating. At ReadySet! we are here to welcome you into the buzz of the city. Check out our Neighborhood page and see why Midtown Manhattan will be your backbone of positivity – a place to be active and thrive, not lazy.

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