Boost Sales: Creating a Unique Business Identity Brand

One of the most important components for small business growth is brand building. Yes, you should have a branding strategy just like you have a marketing plan and a budget. Having a strong and recognizable brand makes your business the most talked about and best go-to option in your field. There isn’t an exact science to creating your brand identity, or designing a good brand. Defining what makes a ‘good’ brand is a subjective process. Ask these questions to help define your branding strategy.

Who Is My Business For?

Knowing your demographic is the key to creating your brand identity. People are all human, but they will not all respond to brand specific marketing in the same way. Pinpoint who your business is for, create your target market. There is no business in existence that can advertise to everyone. You also do not need to waste time and money advertising Research and follow your ideal customer. Scanning (and following) social media profiles of your clients and soon-to-be clients is a free and powerful small business tool. Keep up on industry trends that resonate with your business services and repost that understanding to create a brand that resonates with them.

Does This Look Familiar?

Drawing inspiration from brands you like is not a bad way to start off. However, be careful not to mimic another business’ brand identity too closely as that could lead to confusion for your customer base. Another side effect of reworking a similar business brand is that you are now providing free industry specific content and advertising for this brand. Think about the keywords associated with your business. These will be your Instagram and Twitter hashtags (#). Aim to use a variety of hashtags when posting on social media – but be sure to have a unique and brand identifying slogan or word that you use consistently to represent your business.

How Much is Too Much?

While consistency is important in building a brand, it is possible to be overbearing. The smart strategy involves sticking to your core brand strategy objectives. Creating your brand identity involves original content for your blog posts and social media accounts. These will be impactful showcases of your unique brand identity. Posting funny cat videos and the local weather every hour will only get you so far before irritating current, or potential customers.

Make your vision for an incredible company brand a reality. Reach untapped customers that are looking for your business solutions in their lives. Become the dinner table and water cooler conversation. Referral marketing is still the most effective sales tactic. Clients see a creative Facebook post from you – they tell their friends, share it online and BAM, now at least 20 more consumers have seen your brand. Complete your company brand with a New York City business address. Be the center of it all with a prime NYC ReadySet!Offices virtual office. 

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