Staying Flexible and Fit with your Office Space

Sitting behind a desk and in front of a computer for 8 hours a day or more will definitely help you get some work accomplished; however, this extended sitting in your full time office space may have detrimental effects on your health. This is compounded by the doughnuts left in the kitchen in the morning and coffee and gossip in the afternoon.

In many cases, working hard and working out can’t seem to find a happy mix. However, the good news is that how to stay healthy while working a desk job is achievable with the right strategies. Some tips to help you do this are found here.

Plan 15-minute workout breaks twice a day

Take frequent breaks from sitting to participate in some type of activity. This can be doing squats behind your desk, or taking a brisk walk around your office building. This will help to moderate spikes in your blood sugar and help you to focus on the work at hand. A quick session of exercise will also help to curb your appetite and strengthen your mental sharpness. Incorporating these small changes is a great answer to how to stay fit while working a desk job.

Track your eating habits

There are a number of free apps that can be used to help you keep the calories down and ones that remind you to have a glass of water every hour. You should also try to implement habits such as stretching while waiting for something to download or standing up during a meeting. Believe it or not, fidgeting is actually good for you, so try to do it more often.

Put some workout into your office furniture

If you have a bit of money to invest in your full time office, you should consider purchasing items that will provide you with a healthier sitting environment. There are quite a few ergonomic options in terms of fitness-themed office furniture. Explore and research your options such as kneeling chairs, ball chairs, adjustable desks, desk bikes and even just a couple of weights in the office can have an impact.

How to stay fit while working a desk job is crucial for maintaining your health and productivity. If you are searching for a full time office space with the flexibility to accommodate a healthy living lifestyle, check out ReadySet! Offices floorplans and our private offices in NYC today!

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