The Small Business Advantage in New York City

For the entrepreneur, New York offers a stable environment, a large economy, and access to one of the world’s busiest regions. Small business owners and professionals in the state don’t expect that to change and are largely optimistic about what the future holds. The city’s growth has been fueled by the booming real estate market and construction industry, banking industry and growing technology sector, all contributing to the small business advantage in New York City.

New York’s diversity is also a positive factor for small business growth. Immigrants have been setting up small businesses for well over a century. New York offers a community for everyone. Whether you are in the food business, film industry or farming, there is room to grow in the city. Think about how many people there are in the city (8.5 million). You can take the time to find your target market and ideal customer. Growth is encouraged and supported in a big city. Change your thinking from ‘New York is so overwhelming and competitive, I will never make it there’ to ‘There are endless opportunities and a stable economy for my business to be abundant’.

To start check out one of the small business development centers. Midtown Manhattan Small Business Development Center has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch successful businesses through free business education, consulting, and mentoring services, showcasing the small business advantage in New York City.

Look at ReadySet’s Interactive Neighborhood Map and discover why so many small businesses choose Midtown as their home base. There is no need to take on the responsibility of a physical office space right away if you are not ready. Start with a virtual office. Be sure to take a tour of ReadySet Offices virtual office amenities and meeting spaces. Explore the local neighborhood, and talk to business owners, even if you are just in the planning phase of your business strategy.


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