Making the Best Impression for your Brand

Even if your business is a young start-up or ready for expansion in New York, there is no reason why operations like these can’t make a great professional promise to clients and a promise that rivals that of more established players in your industry. Keep these great tips in mind when you register your virtual office and push your business forward, maximizing brand impact along the way.

  1. Start networking. Identify and join social networks and local trade and business associations that will advance your business. Ensure you have an active business Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile as alternatives to your website so you can be active and engaging for your business anytime you want without leaving home. These are essential marketing strategies for startups.
  2. Collaborate with others. Team up with other businesses – that you may connect with at ReadySet! Cross-promotions, and strategic alliances will help grow your business while providing value to your brand and network.
  3. Looking professional is still important. Register a virtual office. Some of the benefits of having a virtual office are the opportunity to upgrade to an office space when ready and rent meeting room space when needed. This ensures you always have access to the professional environment you need for face-to-face meetings with your next client or investor, thus maximizing brand impact.
  4. Branding, Branding, Branding. Branding is about becoming more than a logo or a product. Branding includes creating a culture and identity that makes you recognizable in the industry. A brand should get people talking about your services or product.
  5. Participate in speaking events. And attend conferences. Look for opportunities to reach your target market through speaking events and local conferences or business networking events. This can be a great opportunity to create brand awareness, network and make real connections with potential consumers or clients. New York City is full of weekly and monthly events taking place for every type of industry, offering ample opportunities for maximizing brand impact.

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