Reignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

If you are a small business owner, or an entrepreneur ready to take on a new challenge consider these tips to get inspired (or re-inspired) to take action to get your business moving forward again. America’s small business owners are trailblazers and leaders – there is no doubt about it. They come up with innovative products and services; they persist even during tough economic times and they employ local communities. Do not forget why you started your business; continue to take a step back and refuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. Start networking. Identify and join social networks and local trade and business associations that will advance your business. Create a business Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile as alternatives to your website so you can be active and engaging for your business anytime you want without leaving home.
  2. Looking professional is still important. Step one is to register for your virtual office address . Some of the benefits of having a virtual office are the opportunity to rent an office for the day, or meeting room space when needed. This ensures you always have access to the professional environment you need for face-to-face meetings with your next client or investor.
  3. Remember your business is unique: Continue to come back to your vision and brand for the business. Remaining unique in your market and community is as important as creating your business strategy. Monitor trends that influence your small business such as lifestyle, technology, the local and national economy including government trends, new laws and taxes.
  4. Research your competition: Doing a comprehensive analysis of your competition will give you great insight into your market, local consumers and where your business fits into the ecosystem of the community. Consider this part of your overall market analysis. A competitive analysis identifies your competition by product, service and market segment. Networking with your competitors is beneficial.
  5. Plan to change the plan Having no plan is stupid. What’s worse is having a plan and sticking to it when it’s clearly misguided. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to learn to be agile and open-minded. Stick to your guns when your gut tells you to. Do not be too rigid either: if you’re blocking insights and opportunities, you’ll follow the wrong roadmap and it may be fatal.

If your business is a young start-up or a small local operation, your entrepreneurial spirit, drive and goals will assist in gaining new clients and building relationships. Keep these great tips in mind and keep the flame alive,

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