temporary, swing, long term or short term executive office space

Swing space is an industry term used to describe a temporary occupancy for a business, usually during a renovation, emergency situation or new construction project.

Construction and remodeling can be stressful. The last thing you want is to be doing business in an uncomfortable atmosphere. By taking advantage of temporary office space or short term office space in Manhattan, you can minimize the stress while remaining focused and relaxed.

You want to consider several things before you decide on your temporary office space in Manhattan, NYC.

1.) Select a place that works with your business’s daily routines. You want a location that is convenient for your employees and your clients. The City is at your door at ReadySet!’s temporary office space in Manhattan location, in the historic Hippodrome building. You can be at the center of it all.

2.) The way you do business should not change. For example, if you require meeting space, you should look for a temporary office space that has conference and meeting rooms. One of the biggest benefits that comes with using ReadySet! Office meeting rooms are the variety we have to offer. Whether a business owner is meeting with 1 or 20 clients, we have the space to accommodate them.

3.) Your business should not slow down due to lack of furniture or amenities. Choose a location that has fully furnished office space so that you don’t spend your precious time shopping for desks, chairs and lamps. Each of the office spaces available at ReadySet! Offices have been designed with the business professional in mind.

4.) Your business should not compromise customer service just because you are in a temporary office space in Manhattan. If your clients are used to a nice reception area and a friendly welcome, make sure you pick a location with similar standards and support. ReadySet! Offices offer a plethora of world-class amenities and perks.

5.) You need to be connected. Your office solution should have phone and internet connections. ReadySet Offices! has state-of-the-art equipment, high speed secure Internet access, a Cisco IP digital phone system, plasma screen TV, videoconferencing and a variety of audio/visual equipment.

6.) You should not have to pay extra. Your office solution should have flexible terms with prices that you can afford. ReadySet! Offices offer ridiculously flexible terms. Our flexible contracts and scaleable spaces let you ramp up or down depending on your business needs.

ReadySet!’s furnished offices and multi-room executive office suites are your solution for temporary office space or short term office spaces in New York. The terms are flexible and include access to meeting space, business services and amenities like complimentary coffee every day. You only pay for the space you use and for the time that you use it for. Focus on work – leave the space to us.

Zach Winick

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