Welcoming Attorneys in 2017 with Special Pricing on ReadySet! Offices and Amenities

By: Zach Winick, General Manager, ReadySet! Offices

ReadySet! Offices knows Attorneys! We have a long and strong history of supporting lawyers and members of the legal profession to grow and maintain their business. We welcome attorneys in 2017 with special pricing on our offices and amenities. Whether you are part of a larger practice that needs space in Midtown Manhattan in growing markets or you are making a go of it on your own as a sole practitioner, Readyset! Offices is set up to provide everything a law practice needs to operate and succeed.

  • Professional call answering and reception with discretion a priority
  • Friendly receptionist to greet your clients
  • On site conference Center & Meeting Space
  • Comfortable lounge for waiting clients
  • Research assistance available
  • Videoconferencing on-site
  • Staffing provided
  • IT Support when you need it
  • Client Tracking made easy with high-end private and  secure on-demand   printing
  • Collaboration with others in the legal profession just by stepping outside your door
  • 24/7 Secure access to a Class A building
  • Flexible lease terms – you may grow quickly and require more space than you thought

At ReadySet! Offices, we are so dedicated to helping your practice thrive that we are offering:

1 Month of Complimentary Furnished Office Space

*A minimum 12-month signed agreement for a furnished office is required to qualify for a promotion.

Contact me today to schedule a tour or get more information. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Zach Winick

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