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At ReadySet! Offices our clients are our first priority. We are successful when they are successful. When a client develops a proven business strategy, and we can support the growth and maintenance of that business, we are doing our job right. Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C is one of those success stories, combining personalized client communication and tax and auditing expertise to equal stellar customer service.

Gary K

Gary Kleiman of Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C.

After many years of working with a large accounting firm, Gary decided to take his invaluable knowledge and create a business that would allow him to be in regular communication with his clients and tailor the services available to them. When asked if he was nervous about going out on his own, Gary will tell you that it certainly was a challenge. Organization and planning helped with getting his business started off in the right direction.

Focusing on client-centered services, Gary aimed to stay abreast of all things tax accounting to offer valuable and timely insights to his clients. He did not want to spend time worrying about a traditional office space and all the effects that come with it. Maintenance, cleaning, dealing with vendors and landlords, hiring a receptionist, etc. were time consuming and most days, he just wanted to focus on the work and servicing his clients.

When Gary visited ReadySet! Offices nine years ago, he knew that it was the place for his business and his ideas to flourish. He needed flexibility and he got it. He started out with a small office. Soon he needed more space, and now he has five employees and multiple offices at ReadySet! Gary still appreciates how quickly the ReadySet! Team can accommodate his growing and changing business.

As the end of the year is fast approaching, you will find Gary and his team busy and meeting with clients in various conference rooms at ReadySet! They are hard at work on year-end tax planning, projections, auditing financial statements and analyzing complicated tax situations. This accessibility and convenience align perfectly with our goal of empowering business through client-centered services.

Gary and his team like the variety of meeting space at the ReadySet! Offices Midtown Manhattan location. During tax season, they need to have weekend and evening meetings with clients. ReadySet! is available to them 24/7 and access to their offices and meeting space is never an issue.  95% of Gary’s clients are in Midtown and he loves working in the city.  Gary’s clients appreciate his convenient location as its easy for them to stop by to meet or drop off paperwork.

Gary feels that the beauty of the office space and common areas, the interaction and camaraderie with the other businesses at ReadySet! and the high level of customer service create the ideal environment for Gary Kleiman, CPA to continue to thrive.

The team at ReadySet! will continue to explore ways to further support Gary’s firms’ changing needs. We are proud to have Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C as a client!

Some of the valuable information Gary provides in a monthly newsletter to his clients

  • Major tax changes expected under Trump Administration
  • 2016 year-end tax strategies with tax cuts on the horizon
  • What to expect on 2016 Form 1040: Key changes
  • December 2016 tax compliance calendar

Don’t overlook new-for-2016 enhancements to certain tax incentives

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