The new year is coming up! And while hitting the gym or learning how to play golf might be at the top of your resolution list, you might want to consider re-thinking your workspace as a way to have a happier and more productive year. We have 5 tips that will help you improve your workspace and we guarantee these minor adjustments will go a long way.

1. Light it Up!

shutterstock_220882324Giving your workspace natural light whenever possible is ideal for higher productivity. (Science actually proves it!) As humans, we get energy and inspiration from the sun. While you may not always have the room with the view, there are some alternative ways to improve your office to “be green.” Bring in plants, soft lighting and even pictures of landscapes. If you don’t have an office with natural light, be sure to take a Vitamin D supplement. This is the essential vitamin we get from the sun, so as office dwellers, we may be lacking in it.

2. Cut the Clutter!

We hate to point out the obvious – and you may be saying “I know, I know,” –  but decluttering your workspace allows you to focus, resulting in increased creative productivity. Go through your desk and make a “Never-Will-Need-It-Again” pile, a k a garbage, and a “Maybe” pile. Keep the Maybe pile and revisit it in two months. Do this until the Maybe pile becomes the “Only-The-Essential” pile.

3. Steal Ideas!

shutterstock_244605121-v2Remember last month when you went to visit your digital marketing agency and the receptionist greeted you with a Boston Terrier at her feet? Then you sat at their minimalist yet rustic conference room and drank coffee from a French press? While your boss may not be gung-ho on the idea of bringing your dog to work, you can still steal some creativity and style ideas for your own workspace.

4. Silos Are So 2004!

Work collaboratively as a team. No more silos. When possible, make meetings a place for collaborative ideas and projects. Gone are the days of working alone in your cubicle. To get the best ideas, bring in fresh voices and perspectives. Incorporating a collaborative atmosphere is a great way to improve your office space.

5. Keep it Cool!

Next time a colleague corrects you, instead of tensing up and getting defensive, breathe. Separate yourself from your work and let another person’s perspective in. You’ll be surprised by how much stress you’ll eliminate and how much more productive you’ll become when you stop defending and start listening.

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