Choosing the Perfect Receptionist

We’ve all experienced both sides of the coin: You walk into an office, perhaps a little late after an uneasy commute, or nervous before a job interview. The receptionist gives you a warm greeting, checks you in and then shows you where to make yourself comfortable while you wait for your appointment.You’re offered a cup of coffee or some water, and her smile puts you at ease.

Then there’s the flip side. You walk into the office, stand at the edge of the desk without being acknowledged while the receptionist carries on what appears to be a personal phone call. Eventually, he finishes the call and scribbles down a note — all without even making eye contact with you. When you do get his attention, it’s with a flat tone and no smile, as if he were doing you a favor.

Which of these receptionists would you rather people encounter when they first enter your business?

The receptionist’s role is critical, as he or she is nearly always the first face of the company that a potential customer or client sees. Moreover, reception is often the nerve center of a business, responsible for any number of administrative tasks that keep the office running like a well-oiled machine.

So how to find that perfect person? Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring a receptionist — one who can make all the difference in the success of your business.

Courteousness Counts

First and foremost, do you get the sense that the candidate is genuinely friendly and courteous? These are among the most important characteristics receptionists can possess. They will spend most of their day communicating with people — from staff members to clients, managers and vendors. They will need to be good listeners and good problem solvers as well. One a basic level, a receptionist must be a “people person,” and a friendly, positive attitude is key.

The Customer’s Always Right

Again, a receptionist is often the face of the company, and often the only person with whom a customer or client comes into contact. Your receptionist must always be polite and professional so that you make a great impression. Even if a client becomes upset, the receptionist must remain calm and do her best to resolve the situation.Taking the time to listen (there’s that word again) to what the client is saying and doing her best to resolve the issue in a way that make clients happy is essential in encouraging them to come back again.

Over the Top Organization

Your reception desk should be picture perfect. At any given moment, you might need to find an important document and, and the receptionist should be able to locate it within seconds because she has a highly organized filing system. Strong organizational and technology skills can mean the difference between a chaotic office and one that runs smoothly.

Trust your instincts

Make a checklist when you’re interviewing prospective receptionists.You should get a sense that your future employee has at least some of the following traits:


Great attitude


Ability to think on feet

Pleasant voice

Sense of humor


“Take-Charge” attitude

The receptionist is essentially your office’s backbone. He can set the tone for all of your employees as well as be the first impression for anyone who calls or visits your office.

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