The Perfect End to a Work Day – Happy Hour in NYC

Happy Hours in NYCThe air is warming, the sun is shining, and all of a sudden the work day seems to stretch on a tad bit longer. That’s right —it’s spring, and time for a break! You’re pretty sure that the people frolicking outside are having a better time than you are sitting at your desk, so why not take the opportunity to grab your co-workers and head on out for a night of mingling and networking!

With the abundance of Happy Hour Hotspots, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, try new cocktails, and take a breath of the spring air before another endless winter begins. We have compiled a list of cool places to catch a post-work cocktail that combine fun and networking opportunities. These spots guarantee such a good time that you will almost feel guilty about not staying that extra hour at the office (but not really).

There are a hundred reasons why you need to margaritaget to a happy hour, at least once in a while—the networking opportunities, the fabulous spaces, and the delicious cocktails that are sure to take the edge off the litany of endless conference calls are just a few. Have you been having a particularly brutal, or awesome, day? Check out this quiz from Buzzfeed to see which cocktail you should warm up with first.

Do you still need a reason to get to a happy hour (really?)? Ok. Try your health.

Recent studies have shown that moderate alcohol intake is a strong indication of superior health status and lower cardiovascular risk (Boris Hansel, Hospital of Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris). That’s right—it’s imperative to your well-being that you hit this event post-work day. You will be healthier, feel better, and be more productive at work—and that is a reason your boss can’t argue with.

No matter where your office is located, you should never have trouble finding some of the best NYC happy hours all over the city. The Tasting Table has made it easy and compiled a list of some of the best Happy Hour hot spots in the city. Plus, you can check out a few of our favorites below, including a few from Tasting Table’s list.

Ten Degrees Bar
Having a tough day? It may not be five o’clock yet, but it’s happy hour at this Alphabet  City spot, starting at noon. Happy hour is 2 for 1, from noon to 8pm, every day. That’s kind of hard to beat. Just make sure that you called out sick for the rest of the day, because chances are, you’re not going back.

169 Bar
Done with Ten Degrees, or playing hooky early on the Lower East? Happy hour at 1:30 p.m and continues through 7pm every day. Happy Hour at 169 has $3 beer and shot combos, $1 off cans and draughts and $2 off everything else.

Baby’s All Right
In Williamsburg, or commuting home? Check out happy hour, and maybe a free indie show.  Oh, and cool down with a $3 Pink Baby— grapefruit lemonade that will get you appropriately buzzed, and $3 High Life from 5 to 8 p.m. Hungry? Grab a burger and fries or grilled cheese for $8.

B Flat
Tribecans— this Japanese jazz bar offers incredible cocktails like ginger Caipirinhas, Manhattans, and margaritas for $8, with yummy bar snacks like fried chicken and shishito peppers daily from 4 to 7 p.m.

Is your favorite watering hole not on the list?  Tell us about it on Facebook!  In NYC, there’s never a shortage of places to get out and mingle!  Cheers!

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