Executive Suites Success Story: Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C.

In today’s Executive Suites Success Story, we highlight Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C.a thriving NYC accounting firm with offices at Executive Suites at the Hippodrome.

Gary Kleiman in his Executive Suites office.

Gary Kleiman in his Executive Suites office.

Number of Employees: 4

Specialties: Tax and auditing services for businesses and individuals

Company History: Kleiman explains: “I started the business by myself in 2006. I had been a partner in a larger firm for nearly 15 years, and I realized that I could run a firm on my own, enabling me to focus on my core group of clients. My current employees are three of the best I have had in my 20 or so years as an employer, but it took a while to get the right people in place.”

Secret to To Your Success: “Caring about the services we provide to the clients, as well as communication with the clients.”  

Best Part About Owning and Managing Your Own Business: “Although I am working more hours than I have ever worked in the past, it is a tremendous sense of accomplishment keeping clients content, which enables us to continually grow the firm each year. Most days, I truly look forward to coming to work and servicing my clients.”

Reason for Choosing Executive Suites at the Hippodrome as Your Office Location: “I have some large corporate clients, and I needed to be in a very professional atmosphere and have access to conference rooms that could handle any size meeting,” Kleiman says. “In addition, I needed to be in Midtown.

About choosing Executive Suites office space in NYC as his base of operations, Kleiman continues: “I needed flexibility in terms of signing a lease, because I was very nervous about a long-term commitment. The person who I first met with (Ross) was completely sympathetic and really conveyed to me how flexible Executive Suites was. Specifically, at any time, I could take more space or reduce my space without any penalties, and that was very comforting. Second, I had researched several other companies that were offering similar office arrangements, but none of them felt as professional as Executive Suites. Third, I drive in every day and park by Port Authority, so this location was perfect.”

Describe the Experience of Having an Office in Midtown Manhattan: “This location is absolutely perfect. My largest client is within walking distance of the building, and 99 percent of my other clients are in Midtown as well. I love working in the city.”

Advice to Others Starting Their Own Business: “Make sure you assess your risk properly. If you are giving up your full-time job and/or investing a lot of your personal money, make sure you realistically project your expenses and potential income. Make sure you are passionate about your business. Most mornings I get up without an alarm clock, because I just want to get in and start my work day as early as possible.”

Anything else people should know about you? “As I mentioned above, we pride ourselves on great service and caring about what we do for our clients.”

To Contact Gary Kleiman, CPA, P.C

  • Address: 1120 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 4777, New York, NY 10185
  • Tel: 212-626-6566
  • Fax: 646-514-0979
  • Web: www.GaryKleimanCPA.com

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