Launching and running one’s own business has been the American dream for as long as there’s been an America. And for all the talk about a challenging economy and business culture, there are countless small businesses who are out there making it happen, through a combination of intelligence, innovation, commitment to clients and hard work.

So for the sake of inspiration, we’re highlighting some of these business “success stories,” all of which occupy executive office space here at Executive Suites at the Hippodrome, and finding out some of the secrets of their success.

We begin with ARK LLP, Accountants & Advisors, speaking with one of the firm’s partners, Anil Kamat, CPA.

Anil Kamat in his NYC office space at Executive Suites

Anil Kamat in his office at Executive Suites

Number of Employees: 7, plus 2 partners

ARK LLP Specialties: All aspects of accounting, attest functions, taxation planning and compliance services.

ARK LLP Company History: “ARK LLP, Accountants & Advisors was established in February 2010, primarily as a de-merger of my former Company,” says Kamat. “After the financial correction in late 2008, I wanted to scale the operations back and focus more on advisory services and privately held business, versus the former Company, which was more focused on SEC Auditing and reporting.”

Secret to Your Success: “I have been a practicing CPA since 1987,” Kamat explains, “hence I guess I know what I am doing. But the environment is very competitive. We have been successful over the years as our clients find value in the services and advice we have provided, so we have been very fortunate that we have not lose many clients over the years, and we have been to build a successful practice.”

Kamat continues: “At ARK LLP, we are faced with the similar challenges as most old or new companies are faced with: Finding good people to work as well as good clients. Our success is all based on the employees’ hard work and efforts as well as the success of our clients.

Best Part About Owning and Managing Your Own Business: The best part of owning your own business is you can control your own destiny. At times, in a larger organization, your hard work and efforts sometimes get overshadowed by “who you know” and the internal politics.

Reason for Choosing Executive Suites at the Hippodrome as Your Office Location: In 2010, when I was looking for space, the Executive Office space was conveniently located, i.e. centrally located for my employees and existing clientele as well as competitively priced. Over the years, it has been attractive as it allows me the flexibility to expand without going into any long-term contracts as typically associated in most leases.

Describe the Experience of Having an Office in Midtown Manhattan: My experience at Executive Suites has been all positive. Initially I had taken the space thinking it was a temporary solution for us, but over the years it has all worked out for us. The biggest advantage is that the building takes care of all of the administrative issues that are associated with most office spaces, which allows me the time to focus on the core function of what we do.

Advice to Others Starting Their Own Business: Anyone starting a new business should develop a strong team around them, i.e. personnel, employees and management team. It’s very hard to grow in today’s competitive environment, hence the more products or services you have to offer which differentiates yourself from your competitors, the more likely the chance you will succeed.

To Contact ARK LLP: 

  • Address: 1120 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036
  • Tel: 212-626-6753
  • Mobile: 516-380-9300
  • Fax: 212-626-6758
  • efax: 646-304-1180

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