CareersIt’s often said that small businesses provide the backbone of the U.S. economy. And that’s absolutely, true, even in somewhat uncertain economic times. According to a recent article in the Washington Post, America’s small businesses have rebounded in a big way, closing out  2013 with their two highest hiring totals of the year — far out-pacing their large counterparts and helping to drive the national unemployment rate down to a five-year low of 7 percent.

Those numbers should give confidence to anyone opening a small business in NYC. The question is, which small businesses are particularly hot at the moment? Check out this list before opening up your executive office space for business:

1) Social Media

Yes, we’re still living in a click-centered world, where more and more companies are relying on Facebook, Twitter and other social media to reach millions of potential customers. But most companies don’t know the first thing about social media marketing, and if you can provide them with expertise (as well as proven results), you’ll be mighty valuable indeed.

2) Application Engineer

As the classic iPhone commercial goes, “There’s an app for that.” But someone’s got to create those apps for  phones, computers and tablets. If you can design useful applications for a company, you’re golden.

3) IT Consultant

As evident from the two categories above, technology is the key to success in the business world these days. If you’ve got the latest technological expertise, you can be a tremendous asset to numerous businesses looking to become more competitive and increase their growth.

4) Professional Organizer

This one may surprise you, but in our ever frenzied culture, someone who can come in and clear the clutter is in high demand. Whether it’s helping people organize their home or business or find the best storage options, professional organizers can really clean up these days… pun intended.

5) Elder Services

Our graying population — one that prefers to remain in their own homes — demands a growing number of special service providers, from health care workers to professional caretakers and companions. Launching this kind of business means you’ll never want for clients.

6) Retirement Services

Similarly, living longer means having a longer retirement, so seniors are finding themselves in need of specialized financial advice, from budgeting to investing to estate planning. Another facet of this trend is retirement communities, which are booming all along the Sun Belt. So launching that kind of real estate firm can be extremely lucrative.

7) Specialty Foods

Once upon a time, all Americans ate meat and potatoes. No more. Special diets, from vegan to nut-allergic to gluten-free, have created tremendous demand for specialty foods. Becoming a supplier of any one of these niche foods, and watch your sales soar.

These are only some of the things to consider when opening a small business. And don’t forget to give Executive Suites a call when you’re ready to move your new business into the perfect NYC office space!

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