Executive Office Space in NYCFinding the right executive business office space in NYC can be as challenging (and stressful) as finding the right apartment. And it’s every bit as important, in terms of personal satisfaction and the success of your small business. In a city as big and diverse as New York, there are so many factors to weigh – among them the neighborhood of your new office, the physical plant and infrastructure of the building, the resources available, as well as that hard-to-grasp “wow” factor that can lift your team to a place where they’re doing their best work and attracting the best clients. And like any business, you want to get the most value for your money.
But with some basic planning and research on how to choose an office space in NYC, you can successfully find a space that’s the perfect fit for your executive office. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind in your office search:

1) Get Wired

Before you sign a lease, make sure your new executive business office space is configured to support your existing IT and telecom needs and future goals. Virtually every business today relies on high speed Internet and a digital phone system (such as Cisco), so you’ll want to lease a space that is prewired for these. Also, unless you have a dedicated IT person on your team, you’ll want to select a location that comes with its own IT staff, who can assist you and your employees whenever they need computer help.

You also want to pay close attention to the electrical outlets: Are there enough of them in your office to meet your equipment needs? Are they positioned in a way that will accommodate your set-up? Are they the right type and voltage to accommodate present and future business needs? And is building staff available and willing to make any adjustments necessary?

The bottom line: Choose a pre-wired executive business office space with an on-site IT team. The best case scenario is a space where you can move in on Day 1 and start working without any additional set-up costs.

2) Location, Location, Location!

New York is a massive place, and it’s essential that you choose an executive business office space that is easily accessible by mass transit. In looking at a potential space, ask the following questions: Where are the nearest subway trains? Will my clients be able to get here easily and without an overly long walk? Is there on-site parking? Is the building in a safe, well-lit location, and does the building have 24/7 security? Are there restaurants in the area that will be suitable for client meetings and presentations? Are there good retailers in the area that will allow my employees to run personal errands on their way to and from work and during lunch hour?

The bottom line: The more centrally located your executive business office is, the greater the chances of business success.

3) Meet & Greet

If you’re like most executives, regular meetings will be a key part of your daily workflow. So choose an executive business office space that comes with a conference room – ideally a stylish, modern conference room equipped with state-of-the art technology, such as plasma TVs, LCD projectors and video conferencing services.

It’s also vital that your executive office space come with an impressive, welcoming reception area and a friendly, professional receptionist who will greet your clients and make them feel like they’re dealing with a first-rate business.

The bottom line: Choose an office space that comes with modern conference facilities and a professional on-site receptionist.

4) Service, Please!

As an executive trying to run your own business, you don’t have time to worry about whether the garbage has been taken out since last night, or if there are towels in the ladies room, or whether there’s fresh, hot coffee waiting in the kitchen – or if there even is a kitchen!.

These shouldn’t be thought of as “perks” or “extras,” nor should you have to pay extra for them. They are simply necessary tools to running a successful business and creating a happy work environment. So make sure before you move in that your new office space comes with all of these service features, including fresh coffee and water in the kitchen.

The bottom line: Choose an executive business office with cleaning, maintenance, coffee service and utilities included.

5) Bend, Don’t Break

No one can see the future. So no matter which space you choose for an executive business office, you want to find the most flexible terms possible. Consider the current state of your business. Would you be best-suited to a short- or long-term lease? Also, look for deals and incentives: Some executive suites come with a first-month free option.

The bottom line: Choose a space with both short- and long-term leases available.
So now you’re ready to find your dream executive business office space. Best of luck in your search, and if you’d like to see what we have to offer, including private offices in NYC, please feel free to give us a call at 212-626-6513 or visit our website.

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