It’s NYC Restaurant Week: Treat Your Clients to Lunch!

Yes, it’s that time of year again — one of two times, actually — to which New York foodies look forward with great anticipation and salivation: New York Restaurant Week!

To the uninitiated among you, including those NYC newbies who are still trying to figure out the difference between the C and E Trains, allow us, you friendly neighborhood NYC office space team, to answer all your questions.

What the #$&! is Restaurant Week?

Twice a year, during the winter and summer seasons, around 300 participating NYC restaurants offer prix fixe lunches and dinners, Monday through Friday, often at a fraction of their normal prices. The NYC Restaurant Week is a fabulous opportunity for people who wouldn’t normally have the funds to dine out at some of the city’s fancier establishments to sample tons of amazingly delicious food. This year, it’ll only cost you $25 for a three-course lunch and $38 for a three-course dinner. What a bargain! (Note that prices don’t include drinks, taxes and tips.)

A little history behind New York City Restaurant Week, just because it’s sort of interesting: It debuted in 1992 with 95 restaurants participating, when it was created as a one-time culinary event to welcome the Democratic National Convention to the city. (Remember? When Bill Clinton was nominated?) But the discounted food prices were such a hit among regular New Yorkers that Restaurant Week immediately turned into a recurring event

How do I know which restaurants are participating in this year’s NYC Restaurant Week?

Easy. Click here for a complete list. (See, we told you it was easy.)

When does this NYC Restaurant Week take place?

Right now! The NYC Restaurant Week actually started this past Monday. And it runs through Friday, March 7.

Wait — March 7? I thought it was called Restaurant Week. Why does it run for 19 days?

It’s weird, right? But why are you complaining? It means more cheap meals for you!

Am I going to get the same size portions I’d normally get at these restaurants?

In many cases, no. And some of the dishes may be made with less expensive ingredients. Think of these dishes at “samplers” of what the restaurant normally serves. Hey, you’re still getting a three-course lunch for $25.

Should I make a reservation?

Uh, yeah. Either visit the websites of any of the restaurants on the list we linked to above, or click on Open Table.

I drive a car into the city. Where’s the best parking for NYC Restaurant Week?

Edison ParkFast has fast, safe, convenient parking all over New York City. Click here for a complete list of locations.

B Smith’s, on Restaurant Row, is one of the participating eateries.

Anything else I should know?

Yes. Enjoy yourself!

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