Executive Offices Event: Beyond Networking

Executive Offices at the Hippodrome recently hosted a networking event presented by The Opportunity Lab entitled “Beyond Networking.” Here were three takeaways from this very informative seminar:

1. Be Curious

A common characteristic of great leaders is their curiosity.  Whether you are talking to a co-worker, an employee, a client, or really anyone, being curious about their unique passions and desires will lead to a deeper and more rewarding relationship. How could you know if you have something in common if you’re not curious enough to ask and listen? And when you listen (and REALLY listen), consider how you might be able to help them before focusing on yourself- which brings us the next highlight on our list…

2. Be Generous

You’re already curious, so you understand something about this person’s passions and needs, so use that to help them! Offer what you can: an introduction to a colleague, an idea, or really anything. Remember, it’s a “Give & Take”, not a “Take & Take” – You have to give first! In the process of listening and helping, you get a better understanding of how this relationship may be beneficial for you. Like Leslie said at the event, “The magic happens when we give, and then we ask for ourselves.” That being said, what does one do when it’s time to share your own needs and goals?…

3. Invite & Inspire (Don’t “pitch”)

Nobody wants to hear your elevator pitch repeated and rephrased to them as if they’re nothing more than a potential client. Sure, they could be really interested in what you have to offer, but there are so many more ways for people to help- you just need to give them the necessary information! Let them know what you’re passionate about and why you do what you do. Invite them to think the way you do and to understand you as a professional and as a person. This is the kind of information that drives the lasting professional relationships that will help you to grow your business.

Click here to watch video highlights from the event.

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