Manhattan Mini Storage Helping NYC victims of Hurricane Sandy

Manhattan Mini Storage, owned by parent company Edison Properties, quickly responded to the devastation of downtown Manhattan by setting up an emergency hotline to help businesses or residents who have been displaced by the storm. They are offering free boxes, a free move and free rent to anyone who has been directly impacted by the storm. Anyone in need of these services should call Elias Jaffe directly at 646-276-1617 for more information.

“As a homegrown, family-operated company, we make helping our neighbors in need a priority,” said Gary DeBode, CEO of Edison Properties. “It’s a company mandate and, frankly, what every good New York company we know would do.”

Edison Properties has been family-owned and operated since 1956. In addition to Manhattan Mini Storage its affiliated companies include Edison ParkFast, The Ludlow, Workspace offices and the Hippodrome – all businesses dedicated to simplifying city life for busy New Yorkers.

To learn more about Manhattan Mini Storage’s effort, please contact Stacy Stuart at 973-849-2556 or

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