It’s true that the workplace is changing. Mobile capabilities let workers work on the go. But when it’s time to work in a defined space, do we really want to be pod people?

Office space pods are the latest trend in workspace solutions. Not only do they look futuristic, but these workplace pods act that way too – they move!


Pods are defined spaces that grant sanctuary to the solitary worker, or meeting space for team collaboration. Some of these office space pods could even look great in your backyard.

More and more companies are tearing down walls, opening up spaces, crowd-sourcing ideas from the cloud, and looking to shared office space as means of innovating in the workplace. Sure the idea of a workspace that “does it all” is appealing, but what matters most is encouraging a space that not only offers connectivity options but also the freedom to let business happen fluidly.

That’s why we’ve got three distinct styles of offices made available for the on-the-go, future-thinking worker. If you’re looking to add your own pizzazz to an office for a mid-sized or larger business, check out Edison Office’s Executive and Pre-built Suite options. If you run a small business or are tired of working out of your garage, check out our Workspace option. All of our spaces are decked out and ready to go providing the best in internet access, telecommunications, and complimentary coffee—if that’s your thing.

Now, if only these pods could fly…

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