Stand up for a healthier you at work

With summer coming to a close, we’re heading into that long stretch of time where we tend to sit for most of the day. As the temperature drops, it’s easy to find ourselves opting out of midday workouts, or quick runs in the park, in exchange for the warmer option of sitting down indoors. In short, we’re going to be less active.

But that doesn’t have to be the case at work!

We’ve all seen the coworker with the yoga mat tucked behind their desk and bouncing, or rather rolling, around on an exercise ball—sometimes hilarity ensues. Then there’s that coworker who actually does calisthenics in their cubicle.  Both options are better than the alternative certainly, but there is a movement afoot—pun wildly intended— of people looking to fundamentally change how they work at their desks simply by standing up.

This type of desk allows for the freedom to work on different levels, thereby increasing movement and avoiding the cramped confines of the chair. Many models are adjustable so you can always sit back down if you get tired of standing up.

The benefits for working at a standing desk are obvious but some say you can also expect to work better with coworkers and help alleviate certain back conditions. An article from Forbes suggests that you might actually extend your life by three years and avoid a plethora of health complications if you just start standing more at work.

Desk or no desk, the objective is still to move more throughout the day. Check out this infographic from for more information on how sitting down so much is affecting our bodies, including some great ways to combat potential risks.

Consider for yourself and for your coworkers; what are some other ways to stay active and off the chair while working? There are probably more than a few opportunities in your own workplace that you can start taking advantage of immediately.

If a viable option for your business is to consider an office workspace that is flexible in accommodating you or your company’s new standing outlook consider our workplace options.

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