Midtown and Lunch

Credit: NYPL, Jonathan Blanc

There is a sea of possibilities in Midtown when it comes to grabbing some grub on your lunch break. Of course there’s also the problem of proximity—is there anything good near my office?? Finding the perfect meal to add a little pep to your step (or eye balls for reading those bazillion emails) can be a daunting task given your limited window.

Fear not.

Fortunately, there are some pretty dedicated people out there solving these types of problems. If you’re looking to try something new everyday, or want to find an awesome culinary retreat from the daily grind, here are a few sites that can help you narrow or broaden the field:

Midtown Lunch: Founded in 2006, this site started out as a means sorting through Manhattan’s Midtown lunch menus. Read through their blog to discover something new, or search by location or food type to find your next meal.

Lunch Studio: These are the ladies that lunch! These two working architects’ mission is to catalogue every lunch and dessert they consume because they wholly believe:

Leaving the office to have lunch every day will not only increase productivity in the work place, it can bring unfettered happiness to your day. 

If you also happen to be outside of midtown, check out their take on lunch in other locations as well.

Time Out New York—Food & Drink: Time Out New York’s got its finger on the food fibers of Midtown. Filter these listings by cuisine or be more specific by location  (Midtown East & West). Clicking on a listing reveals average pricing, location info, user rating, transport info, a quick overview and sometimes a way to book a table right now.

Yelp.com—Midtown East & West: Yelp is one of the best sites out there for crowd sourcing reviews and its users take their food seriously. The links provided filter out results based on location and the category “Restaurants,” but you can go ahead and narrow the search by “Food Stands” that also include food trucks, or by cuisine type.

Don’t forget that food trucks make their way around the city and rarely stay in one location for too long. If you find one you really like, follow them on Twitter to know when they’ll be back in your area next. And while you’re there, you might as well follow us: @EdisonOfficesNY.

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