The 2012 London Olympics may have ended but the adrenaline-pumping buzz still abounds. Millions of people dream of acting out their own gold medal fantasies and many more simply want to find a fun way to exercise or let off some steam. In New York there’s simply one place where you can relax, workout, and lose yourself in dreams of Olympic glory, the Hudson River Park.

You can get busy like the Dream Team on one of the basketball courts or even spike a volleyball into some sand with co-workers. Catching some waves at your speed? Breeze over to Pier 66 and work off some stress on the water in a Kayak or as part of a team in an Outrigger canoe. You can also pedal your way to your own Olympic podium on 5 miles of bike trails that are open 24 hours a day.

So, what’s the best part of reliving Olympic history at the park? Bringing your furry companion along for the journey. Of course, if your pup wants to go for the gold solo, there’s always the park’s dog runs.

Don’t wait till all the sunshine and Olympic fever has gone away, head on over to the Hudson River Park in Manhattan, NYC to get the most out of the end of summer and maybe kick the dust off on those New Year’s resolutions you’ve forgotten all about.

Check out this great article from the New York Post for more ideas on where to live out those Olympic dreams.

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