Summer and the City: Free Movies in Bryant Park!

Living and working in the City has its challenges. But for every challenge, there are a hundred rewards. So what’s your reward for slogging through another jungle-esque summer in NYC?

Free movies in Bryant Park in one of the most interesting, historic, and just downright awesome parks in the universe, that’s what.

Bryant Park today is an undisputed jewel of midtown Manhattan. But ask anyone who lived here in the 70’s, and you’ll get an earful about how it used to be one of the seediest bits of underbelly Gotham had ever produced. It wasn’t until the 80’s that a group of dedicated advocates set about rehabilitating this block-wide bit of shifty business into yet another NYC rags-to-riches success story.

So, swing by Bryant Park on a Monday night this summer to catch a fantastically free film, including an open-air screening of one of the Best. Movies. Ever. Bryant Park New York movies are a treat! (Get there early on August 13th to watch the inimitable Bette Davis at her most Bette Davis-ish!)

And before you fasten your seatbelt for a bumpy night, grab a ‘wichcraft sandwich and raise a glass to the amazing NYC¾the kind of town where one generation’s rundown, needle-ridden, tawdry piece of park is the next one’s rehabilitated, genteel, sophisticated city destinations.

Written by Laura

Photo Courtesy – Andrew F. Kazmierski /

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